RFI for 6 new geothermal opportunities

Green Economy Group is currently conducting a Request for Information (RFI) on behalf of 6 geothermal projects worldwide representing a total estimated portfolio value of US$1.62 billion. We are contacting the top global geothermal EPCs, technology providers as well as resource validation and exploration firms to explore their interest in participating in the RFI process for these 6 geothermal projects.

Green Economy Group operates the Green Finance Exchange (GFE) and the 6 geothermal projects are listed by geothermal project developers on the GFE. The six geothermal projects are located across Latin America, Eurasia / Western Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

If your firm belongs in the category of top tier firms, we would like to receive information on the services you provide in the following 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Geothermal resource validation and exploration
  • Phase 2: Design and construction of the geothermal plant and connection to the electric grid
  • Phase 3: Operation and maintenance (O&M) of the geothermal plant for 30 years.

Responses for this RFI will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • scope of services across the above-captioned 3 phases (30%);
  • experience and quality (30%);
  • financial services provided in conjunction with export credit agencies, (30%) and;
  • other key parameters (10%).

Would you please email an overview of:

  1. your services in the above-captioned 3 areas;
  2. the experience and quality of your team;
  3. the financial services you provide in conjunction with export credit agencies (please list which export credit agency / agencies you work with), and;
  4. which geographic regions you operate in?

If you are interested in subscribing to the Green Finance Exchange or respond to this RFI, please send an email to:

Green Economy Group (Green Finance Exchange)

or complete the online form below.

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If you are interested in subscribing to the Green Finance Exchange, please email info@greeneconomygroup.com


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