The vision of the Green Economy Group is to serve as a catalyst for transforming the world’s economy from one powered by fossil fuels into a green economy with zero carbon emissions and a one-planet footprint.

We believe this vision is achieved when:

  • humanity is served by a global energy infrastructure with zero carbon emissions that is powered 100 percent by abundant, renewable energy — made possible through a combination of proven, renewable energy technologies; breakthrough cleantech solutions; as well as enabling regulation and carbon markets
  • the world’s water, waste and wastewater infrastructure is transformed into one based on long-term sustainability
  • the human species lives in harmony with other species by preserving, protecting and ensuring the vitality of the world’s ecosystems, biological diversity and forests in partnership with indigenous peoples and all relevant stakeholders through the creation of sustainable governance models, markets and business models for delivering, maintaining and paying for ecosystem services
  • humanity and the world’s species successfully adapt to climate change

A global green economy with a one-planet footprint. That’s our vision. That’s what we intend to deliver.

To see how we intend to deliver on our vision, please read our mission.

To learn more about the green economy, review Green Economy 101.


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